Maastricht, 8 October 2018 – The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has signed a letter of intent with construction company Van Wijnen for the realization of a care residential building in Lelystad.

In Lelystad, a new development area is being built on the Oostvaardersdiep waterfront. The development under the name “Bataviahaven” provides a wide range of rental and owner-occupied homes for starters, families and seniors. The waterfront boulevard will also have a wide range of shops and restaurants.

For the development of the care residential building for seniors and / or people with a care need or other additional services in the field of housing, the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has signed a letter of intent with construction company Van Wijnen. The building consists of 54 apartments with a large diversity in types. All apartments have a spacious bathroom and balcony. The apartments are suitable to respond to different care and service levels. For example, all rooms are easily accessible with a wheelchair or walker. A communal area and garden are also included in the building to encourage residents to visit each other and come into contact. “We are very pleased that with this acquisition we can offer affordable housing for seniors and / or people with a care need”, says Michel van Oostvoorn, portfolio manager of the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund. “The apartments are equipped to respond to the development that people want to live longer at home in a pleasant and comfortable environment”.

“The care residential building fits well in the portfolio of the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund”, according to Victor Gulickx, Fund Manager of the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund. The portfolio of the Fund amounts to 60 million euros divided over the segments Assisted Living, Nursing homes and Care and treatment centers. Victor continues: “We expect the size of the portfolio to grow significantly in the coming period”.

Artist impression of the care residential complex “Bataviahaven”


Victor Gulickx, Fund manager Apollo Zorgvastgoedfonds
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 25 18 80 70


Michel van Oostvoorn, Portfolio manager Apollo Zorgvastgoedfonds
Mobile: +31 (0)6 50 99 90 76


About the Apollo Health care Property Fund

The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund was launched at the end of June 2016. The Fund invests in high-quality, sustainable and affordable care housing and facilities that benefit the welfare of the resident and user. The Fund focuses on three segments of the Dutch healthcare market: Assisted living, Nursing home and Care and treatment centers. Assisted living offers housing to people who live independently with a combination of care, services and well-being. Nursing homes focus on people with intensive care needs. This could include people with a severe psychogeriatric (including dementia) and / or somatic condition. Care and treatment centers offer space to a range of primary healthcare providers, including general practitioners, physiotherapist and a pharmacist. The target size of the Fund is 200 million euros. Doctors Pension Fund (SPH) is the cornerstone investor in the Fund.

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