The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has been established to respond to the growing and changing demand for healthcare real estate. The fund invests in high quality, sustainable and affordable senior housing and healthcare facilities that benefit the well-being of residents and healthcare providers. Institutional investors in the fund benefit from stable cashflows and low correlated, inflation-linked income returns in combination with a with a significant social impact.

Hartelt Fund Management is the manager of the Fund. Hartelt was founded in 2013 and is regulated as an AIFM by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).


In 2050 the world has more than two billion people with an age of over 65 years. That is more than 20% of the population, while that percentage was only 10% in the 1990s. The cause lies in declining birth rates and the fact that life expectancy increases. The consequences are currently visible in the Western world due to retirement of the baby boom generation.

The effects of aging of the population is an important demographic development, which influences the investment policy of many institutional investors.

The major trends in the Dutch healthcare market are

  • People want to live longer at home

    This development has been going on for some time and stems from the desire and the present-day possibilities to be able to continue to live at home.

  • Preference for small-scale care complexes

    In the vicinity of the former living environment, when living at home is no longer possible.

  • Specialization in healing and treatment

    The central role of diagnosis and treatment in healthcare centres plays a major role in this.


The Fund identifies, develops and manages investments in healthcare real estate objects that meet its financial and social objectives.

The Fund invests in solely in The Netherlands in municipalities with an increasing demand for senior housing and facilities.

The Fund has specific impact objectives that are periodically measured and reported through a unique online impact dashboard. Investors have access to the secure online impact dashboard, on order to follow the realized impact. Please contact us for a demo account of this innovative impact dashboard.

The Fund focuses on three segments of the Dutch healthcare real estate market and exists of three subfunds for:


Offers housing to elderly people, with a need for care, who want to live independently. A combination of care, services and well-being is provided in these properties.


Nursing homes focus on people with intensive care needs. This includes people with a severe psychogeriatric (including Alzheimer) and/or somatic condition.


Care centers offer space to a wide range of primary healthcare providers, including general practitioners, physiotherapy and pharmacies.


Increase of people over 70 years old


Daily increase of people with dementia


Increase in need for centers



Nursing home “Hofje Wendakker” in Heerde


C&T centre “De Groene Hoven” in Apeldoorn


C&T centre “De Brug” in Hengelo


C&T centre “Archimedes” in The Hague


Assisted living “De Kom” in Mijdrecht


Nursing home “Villa Oranje” in Schiedam


C&T centre “Zeeburgereiland” in Amsterdam


Assisted living “Tafelberg” in Blaricum


Nursing home “De Zuidlanden” in Leeuwarden


C&T centre “Sint Jozef” in Deventer


C&T centre “Twekkelerveld” in Enschede


C&T center “Eudokia” in Enschede