Times have changed, people that turn sixty-five no longer move into a retirement home. Nowadays people prefer living independently in their own environment for as long as possible. Research confirms that people that live in their trusted environment are generally much happier. The government is supporting this trend by offering (health)care support at home or in the neighborhood. The supply of suitable residences for elderly people with an increasing demand for (physical and mental) care is also increasing.

Our research shows that in Mijdrecht and the surrounding areas (municipality of De Ronde Venen) there is a large and strongly increasing demand for independent and affordable apartments for seniors with or without (health)care needs.

The number of people aged over 75 in Mijdrecht and surroundings is approximately 4,000. By 2050, this number will have risen to more than 8,300. The underlying cause is the ‘double’ aging of the population, in which not only the group of older people forms a relatively larger share of Dutch society (as a result of the baby boom after the Second World War), but also the average age is rising due to an increasing life expectancy. In recent years, the supply of suitable and affordable elderly housing has actually decreased, partly as a result of the transformation from elderly housing to regular apartments. The demographic trends in Mijdrecht and surroundings are representative to other municipalities in the Netherlands.


The challenge is to find suitable locations for affordable and comfortable elderly housing.
In general, both development locations and existing locations for senior housing in the Netherlands are scarce. In Mijdrecht, the opportunity arose to acquire an existing retirement home. The property consists out of 94 apartments, inhabited by seniors (80+). The complex is beautifully located in the center of Mijdrecht within walking distance of amenities such as, a supermarket, shops and restaurants.


With the acquisition, the challenge arose to transform the outdated building into independent, comfortable, sustainable and affordable apartments for seniors without or with a (health)care need. This meant, among other things, the renewal to sustainable technical installations, renovation of the entrance and communal area, an upgrade of the apartments with renovation of the sliding doors to the balcony, kitchen and bathroom. The apartments have also received a healthcare alarm system and there is support in the building for care and well-being services. In addition, there is technical support for small household chores. This enables residents to continue to live independently in their own environment with an increasing / intensive care need and receive support when needed.


“I feel safe and welcome. The apartments are very nice and fully equipped. I can be myself, knowing that there is someone who can assist me in all kinds of areas. ”, says a resident of “De Kom”

Well-being manager Ariane Frijstein: “Together with my colleagues, I am available to arrange all desired and necessary care for residents of “De Kom”. I also support them when applying for healthcare support or for personal care, individual guidance or household help. And everything else that is needed to increase the well-being of the residents.”