Once again a pension fund chooses the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund

Hartelt is proud to announce that the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has realized a significant capital increase by attracting a pension fund as a new investor. This brings us one step closer to our goal of increasing our portfolio to € 500 million with real estate that makes a clear contribution to the services of the care provider and offers well-being to residents and their surroundings.

“There are some important developments in the healthcare landscape, including the need to make the current stock of real estate more sustainable, the increasing importance and influence of ICT and innovations and rising construction costs. Our focus on care and long-term partnerships with healthcare providers to solve multiple challenges they face are driving pipeline growth,” said Victor Gulickx, Fund Director of the Fund.

The main characteristics of our portfolio, stable inflation-indexed cash flows with a limited risk profile and clear and in-depth monitoring of the portfolio’s social impact, make it a very attractive investment segment.