Apollo Healthcare Property Fund acquires De Rompert Health Center in ’s-Hertogenbosch

The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has acquired the De Rompert health centre in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The centre has an area of approximately 1,356m² and is fully leased by a general practitioner and pharmacy.

Redevelopment and Expansion

The centre is currently in an outdated state and in urgent need of redevelopment and renovation. For example, the building will be insulated and new windows and façades will be placed. A new water installation will also be installed, which will comply with various ISO standards and sound-insulating measures will be taken. In addition, a heating installation will be installed in accordance with NEN 5066 and the lighting plan will be adjusted in accordance with EN-12464 requirements. With these spearheads from the renovation plan, the centre will be completely modernized to meet the current standards in the field of climate neutralization.

Michel van Oostvoorn, Director Investments Hartelt Fund Management:

“This is a great opportunity. The property is currently outdated and no longer meets the requirements. The renovations will start in 2022 and we want to give this building a major upgrade on both the inside and the outside so that we are future-proof again with a high-quality health centre.”