Festive opening Mauritshof in Rijssen

The Mauritshof in Rijssen was recently festively opened. The property consists of 33 apartments/studios that offer people with mental disabilities a fully-fledged place to live. During construction, the residents were given the opportunity to give their own personal touch to the apartment by choosing different floor finishes, colours and outdoor areas. The communal living rooms and day care facilities allow residents to work and recreate together. The outdoor area has several sports facilities that also promote cohesion with the neighbourhood.  Specialist care provider Baalderborg provides daily care and well-being for the residents. The building has high sustainability with an A+++ energy label and an outdoor area with a focus on water drainage and cooling. The Fund has contributed to the purchase of a motorised tricycle to increase residents’ mobility. This project with a stable financial return and responsible social impact is an excellent addition to the Fund’s portfolio.

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