The new investment in Enter has been developed for the Herbergier concept of De Drie Notenboomen. On April 2, asbestos removal started in the current building, which will be followed by demolition. Subsequently, the new building will be started at the end of Q2 and the completion is planned for Q1 2025. It concerns an Herbergier+ where 19 people with memory problems will be housed.

This hostel is currently being examined whether it can be built according to the zero-to-the-meter standard. A zero-to-the-meter home means that over the entire year of use, a home consumes as much energy as is generated locally in a sustainable way. In many cases, even more electricity is produced than is actually consumed. Usually, a zero-meg home has no gas connection and other measures provide for space heating and tap water. A zero-to-the-meter home is energy-neutral and also provides residents/tenants with large savings on energy costs. An energy bill of only a few tens per year or even a zero euro bill is easy to achieve. At a time of rising housing costs, a zero-in-the-meter home is therefore in great demand.

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