2022 GRESB Results

The results of the GRESB have been announced. While last year we were appropriately proud of the results, this year we are downright enthusiastic. The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund achieved the maximum score of 5 stars in the Standing Investments Benchmark and also received a GRESB Green Star! With a score of 88, we finished as the 4th most sustainable real estate fund in Western Europe within our peer group.


This does not mean we are resting on our laurels. The main reason for this score is that last year we analysed the ESG performance of the portfolio and took savings measures. This is an on-going process where we will continuously look out for improvements.


The GRESB Real Estate Assessment measures the sustainability performance of real estate funds and portfolios. The 2022 Real Estate Benchmark saw the largest ever growth in total numbers, with 1,820 entities now participating worldwide, covering $ 6.9 trillion of gross asset value (GAV) across 74 countries. Significant growth was focused in the Americas (30%) and Europe (16%).

This is a marketing statement. Past performance is no guarantee for the future. Read our disclaimer.