Relocation notice – Hartelt Fund Management

We are proud to inform you about the move to our new office location in the center of Maastricht. As of 1 June we will exchange the beautiful rural Kruisdonk for the vibrant new Sphinxkwartier in the city centre of Maastricht. As of 1 June Hartelt Fund Management is located in the Eiffel building at Sphinxcour 9A, 6211XZ in Maastricht.

The Eiffel building is an industrial monument from 1928 and was the home of the Royal Sphinx sanitary factory until 2006. The Eiffel building has been transformed from an industrial function into a building with a hotel, housing and office space. The building has been thoroughly renovated in the past year.

The seven-storey Eiffel building is located in the Sphinxkwartier, on the edge of the centre of Maastricht. The building includes The Student Hotel and several other functions such as office spaces, lofts and an incubator for innovative companies. Thanks to this interpretation, a place is created for (international) companies, students, young professionals, creatives and innovators, giving the Sphinxkwartier its own distinctive character.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new office from 1 June 2018. All other contact details remain unchanged.