Hartelt Fund Management is to invest an additional €55 million in the Dutch healthcare market through our Apollo Healthcare Property Fund. The combination of social impact and the stable, inflation-linked returns is perceived as very attractive by institutional investors.

We are very proud of the confidence that our investors have in our strategy and the partnerships we have in the healthcare market. This enables us to further grow the portfolio of housing and facilities for elderly and people with a medical condition’, Fund Director Victor Gulickx explains. We are looking to expand these partnerships, leading to a significant growth of the pipeline and portfolio. We also have a strong focus on the sustainability of existing and new properties in order to improve the long term sustainability performance of our portfolio.

One example where this is implemented is a nursing home in Leeuwarden which opened in December 2021. Noorderbreedte is the healthcare provider that takes care of 96 residents with Alzheimer. The property is located in a residential area and blends in perfectly with the neighbourhood. From the outside one would not recognise this being a nursing home.

We are very pleased to see that more institutional capital is moving into the healthcare property market.

By investing in the healthcare market investors enjoy stable inflation-linked returns. The healthcare system benefits from sustainable and affordable housing and facilities in general.

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