SPH wins Pension Pro Award for Best long-term investor

Hartelt Fund Management congratulates SPH for winning the Pension Pro Award.

At the PensioenPro Annual Conference, SPH (Dutch Doctors’ pension fund) won the Pensioen Pro Award in the ‘best long-term investor’ category. The pension fund’s investments in healthcare real estate are in line with the participant group, demonstrate long-term vision, and are innovative and well thought out, the jury felt. Board member and GP Christine Lindeboom accepted the award on behalf of SPH.

SPH wants to make a positive contribution to society on its core theme of Health. SPH therefore invests in the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund, which, among other things, finances primary care centres in the Netherlands.

The Dutch healthcare sector is facing major challenges. People are getting older and living independently for longer. In addition, the financing of primary care and treatment centres by healthcare providers is proving complex. By investing in high-quality and sustainable healthcare real estate, SPH contributes to the availability of good and affordable healthcare in the Netherlands. In doing so, we fulfil one of the priority themes within our sustainability policy: health.