Impact of the Apollo Healthcare Real Estate Fund – summer 2018

Real impact and ‘win win’

The care housing market will change drastically in the coming decades. The cause is the so-called “double aging”: the number of people over 65 will increase by 1.3 million in the next 25 years and the number of people over 75 will even double. As a result, there is a growing need for good (care) housing.

Many of the over-75s would like to live in a nursed or assisted living place with care in the vicinity. In addition, consumer demand is changing: he or she wants to ‘live with care’, where well-being is especially important. The current stock of mostly traditional care accommodation is nowhere near meeting this quantitative and qualitative demand. Measures with real impact are needed. The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund wants to make an active and impactful contribution to contemporary care accommodation and facilities in the Netherlands. With its investments, the healthcare real estate fund provides high-quality, sustainable and affordable care accommodation that increases the well-being of residents, users and the environment.

The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund actually contributes to improving healthcare. The fund does this in three categories: assisted living, nursing homes and health centers. This creates a real win-win situation: for the healthcare user, for the healthcare provider and for the investor who consciously chooses to invest in Dutch healthcare. Read the first examples and the impact in this newspaper: a nursing home in Heerde and a health center in Hengelo are among the first good results. And more will follow. Are you in?