From outdated to future-proof and sustainable care and treatment center. Part 2: the renovation plans

The biggest challenge? That is without doubt the renovation of the place while the general practitioners and employees also have to continue to run their practice,” says Jeroen Verkerk of Verkerk Zorgwerk. At the request of the (former) general practitioners of the health center, he did the preliminary work for what should lead to a completely renovated care facility.

Retiring general practitioners
There are two important reasons for renovating the health center, says Verkerk. ,,The practice space was owned by five general practitioners. A number of them recently retired. They therefore no longer wanted to be co-owners. Moreover, the building is quite dated, almost 40 years old now. It also no longer looks attractive. Over the years, the practices have grown and other healthcare providers have moved into the building. But the total space has not increased. A lot needs to be done, including in the area of sustainability.”

The building was recently sold to Apollo Zorgvastgoed for over 1.5 million euros. That will take care of the renovation. The pharmacy and the general practitioners Van der Endt, Oostveen, Visbeek and Visser will be the main tenants.

Other users
It had long been desired that the BENU Pharmacy North would move into the health center. Rob Pijnenburg’s pharmacy is still located on the Sint-Teunislaan, but will move to the renovated health center. After the renovation, psychologists Haga & Dijkstra, midwifery practice ‘s-Hertogenbosch, dietician Alie Brouwer, district nurse Vivent, welfare office KOO, GGD youth health care and De Podotherapeut will also stay there.

Verkerk expects contractor Peters Bouw en Onderhoud to finish the renovation and make it more sustainable around the summer. The renovated building will be slightly larger. ,,We are going to include the meters that are currently roof terraces.”

Three-phase renovation
To keep the general practices running, the renovation will be done in three phases. “The smaller users, fortunately, can temporarily move to other locations,” Verkerk says. ,,And the pharmacy is not in there yet either. We have also placed a number of emergency buildings. The stairs and elevator will be renovated first. Once that is done, the contractor will prepare the upper floor. The general practitioners and their staff can then go there. That will also remain their place. Finally, we are renovating the first floor. So that’s where the pharmacy and a central counter will be.”

Source: BD