Apollo Healthcare Property Fund acquires Sint Jozef Health and Treatment Centre in Deventer

Maastricht, 30 August 2019 – The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has acquired the Sint Jozef Health & Treatment Centre in Deventer.

The Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has reached an agreement with Deventer Hospital to acquire the Sint Jozef Health Centre for the Fund. The health centre is located on Louis Pasteursstraat in the Keizerslanden district in Deventer. “This acquisition fits in seamlessly with the Fund’s investment policy to invest in health and treatment centres to guarantee health services in these neighbourhoods,” said portfolio manager Michel van Oostvoorn.

Multidisciplinary health centre

A health and treatment centre is a multi-tenant building where various medical disciplines are combined. The demand for health and treatment centres increases due to the recent trend that people continue to live at home longer and require a complex combination of care later in life. Additionally the decentralization of care whereby, among other things, treatments from the second line (hospital) are performed in a health centre lead to an increased demand for health and treatment centres. The Sint Jozef health and treatment centre also meets the increasing demand from the neighbourhood, among other things because of the expanding number of apartments in the neighbourhood.

Long-term lease agreements

The design of the health and treatment centre guarantees good accessibility for visitors and optimal use by employees. The spaces in the centre are rented by various care disciplines, including pharmacists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, blood bank, thrombosis service, obstetrician, osteopathy, dentist, psychiatry, psychologist and care for autism. Long-term lease agreements have been concluded with all tenants. “We want to sell it because we do not see property management as a core task of the hospital,” said Gita Gallé, chairman of Deventer Hospital, about the sale of the health and treatment centre. “We are pleased that with the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund we have found a party that will maintain important functions for the city at this multidisciplinary care location”

“The defining monumental appearance with a modern functional layout is extremely suitable for a wide and deep range of care services,” concludes Michel van Oostvoorn.