Ultimate flexibility in the renovation of the De Kom seniors complex

Renovating in an occupied state is specialist work. This complexity is even greater in Corona time. During the work, the health of our colleagues, partners and residents is paramount. How could we successfully renovate a senior citizens’ complex in an inhabited state, without incurring delays? Thijs van der Eijs (MVGM, on behalf of Apollo Healthcare Property Fund), Toon Kors (contractor at Van Wijnen Haarlemmermeer) and resident Antoinette tell more about the renovation.

Together we make the difference

According to Thijs, Toon and his team were faced with a difficult task: “Corona was not the only challenge. Most people here are over 70, we are dealing with a target group that needs a lot of attention and often extra explanation. The team was always ready to answer questions. ” During the renovation Toon had a temporary office in one of the vacant apartments. The daily consultation hour quickly became rush hour. Toon: “It happened once that the television stopped working because of moving the furniture, then I reset all channels on his television for that resident.”

Resident Antoinette (64) agrees: “Communication always went smoothly. There was a schedule in the hall, and we received clear information by letter. Just before the work started, they also came by the door to go through everything. There was some noise now and then, but it didn’t bother me that much. I actually miss those workers. During the renovation there was a pleasant bustle here, now it is so quiet again. At Easter everyone got Easter eggs, and with the warm weather Toon had arranged an ice cream cart. I appreciate these small gestures. ”

Suddenly all residents were at home

Last January we started work on the complex. After that, Corona soon surfaced. The joint meeting space in the building was closed according to RIVM measures, which meant that people were actually in the house during the work. “The original plan was to start renewing the electrical groups, but because people were now at home, we adjusted the order of the work. We wanted to avoid delays, so we made a new work plan with the team ”, Toon says.

“During the work, we placed dust baffles in the houses. That way there was enough distance, and the people still retained some privacy while we were working in the house. The employees came into the house via the balcony side to renew the sliding doors and radiators. ” – Toon Kors, contractor at Van Wijnen

Improved living comfort

The homes in De Kom have improved considerably. Previously, the houses had aluminum sliding doors, these were outdated and often difficult to open. We have replaced these with light plastic doors that are easy to open. Because the radiators in the houses have been replaced, residents can now set the temperature in the living room and bedroom separately.

According to Antoinette, the entrance to the complex had a real 1970s appearance: “After the renovation it looks much fresher and more modern. I also notice that by replacing the ventilation pipes in the general corridors, the air circulation in the building has improved ”.

“The new front doors in the houses are a big improvement. The doors are burglar proof, and fire safety has also been improved. In addition, the new doors do not allow drafts through, so that the homes are better heated on cold days. This is important for the target group that lives here. ” – Thijs van der Eijs, MVGM

“While we occasionally encountered some resistance in the preliminary phase, we have satisfied residents now that they are seeing the results. That is what it is all about in the end. ” concludes Toon.

About De Kom

The De Kom residential complex in Mijdrecht consists of 94 apartments for the elderly. The people here live independently, but can buy care or help from the neighborhood complex Majella. The 1970s complex was outdated. Client and owner of the building Hartelt Fund Management therefore decided to have the building renovated and made more sustainable in order to improve the living comfort.

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