2021 GRESB Results

The results of the GRESB were announced today. We are proud to announce that the Apollo Healthcare Property Fund has achieved a score of 3 stars in the Development Benchmark and has received the GRESB Green Star. Our sustainability efforts have translated into a score of 82, an increase compared to our score in 2020. Within our peer group, we rank as the 3rd most sustainable real estate fund in the world.

With regard to the Standing Investment Benchmark Report, we have achieved a score of 2 stars and also the GRESB Green Star. The score within this group is 70, and here too we were able to achieve an increase compared to 2020. In this benchmark we rank as the 4th most sustainable healthcare real estate fund in the world.

While the score is good, we still see room for improvement and we will continue our efforts to further increase the ESG performance of our fund in the future.


The GRESB Real Estate Assessment measures the sustainability performance of real estate funds and portfolios. This year, 1,520 real estate companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), funds and developers participated in the real estate assessment. The assessment covers more than 117,000 assets in 64 countries and represents more than USD 5.7 trillion in gross asset value.